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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Death of a Sweater

The famous sweater that fit is being frogged. It met with a washing machine accident and I finally decided that the only repair was to take it apart and reknit it into something else. Yes I am sad.
On a happier note I went last Saturday to the Kentucky Wool Festival and had a wonderful time. I got the skien of yarn that is so beautiful, it is called Briar Rose and really needs to be knitted up into something pretty for me.
But I have gifts on my needles. A washcloth for a swap, a Christmas Stocking for a contest, and lots of socks. Pictures to follow. As most of these are secret projects it may be a bit.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back Finally

No Excuses. Just life got in the way. But I am back.
I went to the Kentucky Wool Festival Yesterday and had a blast. My friend and I drove down and rode a bus to the Fest.
We saw animals and wool, lots of food and lots of crafts. And tons of people.
The sky was overcast so it was cool and a great day for walking around.
I got a skein of sock yarn, and will take pictures and post here. I am back and I will be better about posting...Promise.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Today I am going to finish my sweater, so I will be back tomorrow with Pictures!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Terrible Horrible No Good Day

Having a bad day...but expect tomorrow to be better.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well I read other blogs and see sweaters that seem to be done in no time. Mine on the other had will be done this coming weekend.
At which time I will post pictures and there will be a parade and fireworks...those will likey be for the 4th, but hey, I will take them as happiness over the finishing of the sweater.
I am also going to finish the Clapotis. And then I can go back to knitting sock, which I miss knitting a lot.
And work on my granddaughter blanket.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Too Long

It has been too long since I posted, so here in a nutshell is what I have done.
Did a mystery sock KAL on Ravelry. It was a Cookie A sock and I learned a lot making it. Now I am working on the Sweater, a Clapotis, and another pair of socks.
Outside of that work has picked up. So I have been busy.
So I am going to try to write more. And post some pictures of wips.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


And the Sweater thing

Well I am started on the Sweater...and having a great time knitting it, except for the frogging it 4 times from the short rows because I was lost...but started drawing pictures and am now keeping up with where I am.
Because I am an ADD knitter, I have a pair of Yoga Socks, a Mystery Sock KAL sock, and DGD blanket on needles, I am also going to knit a Clapotis. I have the yarn, and the pattern, just need to find the time.

So here are some pictures of what is going on

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I started my sweater, I know finally. But this one is going to be done right. It is going to fit like it was made for me, not like I got it from my Big Mama. (Big Mama is my mother's mother).
I also reknit the pink socks on Size 0 needles. I would have sworn that I would never use needles that small, but I did. And I set a land speed record for me. I knit one of the socks in 6 days. On 0 needles.
Outside of that the weather is hot one day, cold one day. Welcome to springtime in Kentucky.
I am also making a pair of Yoga Socks for my Darling Daughter. And if they turn out well I will also do a pair for The Best Granddaughter in the World.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Classic Elite

I am doing Solstice 3 Button Jacket in Clasic Elite Silk. Oatmeal Color. And in all of Northern Kentucky I can not find three 1" buttons that I like. So my 3 Button Jacket may end up being a Jacket with no buttons.
I even went to the Goodwill Store to buy something with three amazing buttons on it, but while I did get a deal on a cute jean bag..$1.00.
No Buttons.
This weekend I am going to finish my pink socks. I have turned the heel on both. And since I have short feet they should be easy to end up today.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm doing it

TA DA: drumroll please.
I am doing a sweater. Got into a KAL at LYS. Details to follow.

Friday, March 19, 2010


 I am still planning my sweater, still up in the air with choosing a pattern. Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and yarn only came in Red Heart, sweaters were made from that and in a cardigan or pullover pattern from the Red Heart books.

There may have been underground knitters who made lovely shawls and inventive sweaters with wool in other places, but where I was at the time, that was just not done.

So it is taking me for a spin, this planning. Now I have lots of yarns to choose from and lots of patterns. And colors that will make you cry they are so beautiful.

It reminds me of shopping for paint. I had lived in apartments all of my adult life and finally bought a house. With walls I decided to paint. Turns out that I do not have that gene that lets me look at a wall and decide to paint it anything but white. And I have lived here 10 years and still have white walls. I dream of beautiful homes with wall painted in vibrant colors, then go to the paint store and can’t get me to buy any of those colors. And the man that lives here is no help, he likes whatever I like..or so he says.

Anyway, I am in a pink and gray faze of my life and wonder if I am brave enough to go get yarn, not white yarn, and start a sweater. They are doing a Knit-Along at my LYS. they would help me with this. I will let you know.

Meantime, I am working on a pair of blue socks, plain socks with a ruffle top, for a friend. A pair of pink socks for me, and an afghan for my dgd. Pictures to come.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I want to knit a sweater

 My life revolves around things that are instant. I was talking to a cousin who learned to cook from her mom and our grandmother and was telling her about my quest to learn to make biscuits.
I called my mother and asked her to tell me her recipe as she made wonderful melt in your mouth biscuits. And she did ... two handfulls of flour.
Wait many cups is two handfulls.
I don't know dear, I never thought to measure it.
But mama your hands are bigger than mine.
I don't know what to tell  you...
And for years I made biscuits with two handsfull of flour. And sometimes they were mama's biscuits, light, flakey, wonderful, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits. And sometimes they were hocky pucks. And I never knew which I was going to get.
So I asked my cousin, what do I need to do.
She tells me use Bisquick, and buttermilk.
And on that note. I want to knit a sweater, but without Bisquick. I have made sweaters before and they came out either beautiful or not. Fit sometimes - sometimes not so much.
So I am planning a sweater...but I may end up with hockey pucks.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I know that the Olympics are over, and how you hear the athletes were all excited just to be there. And it comes down to a comunity of people doing things they love, together.
And my thought is that while I mostly knit alone, for this Olympic Games, I was knitting with a huge group of knitters. And this makes me feel like saying how excited I am just to have been part of it. Thank you to Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee for giving us little old ladies, and all of the others that experience.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

And Done

And because I thrive on deadlines, I cast this on yesterday and finished tonight. What an experience the Knitting Olympics were for me.
I generally don't just work on one thing at a time. I am a shotgun knitter. Lots of projects and this made me stop that and do one thing at a time.
And the Olympics themselves were emotional as well. With a death on the first day, I sure fell sorry for that family.
And ending with the Hockey Game of the century. I wish we could have won, but the game was well played. And in between all of the young people of the world, giving all they had. It is inspiring.
And the start of the closing ceremony was just fantastic. We can all take a page from Canada. Some things are not tragic, some things are just funny. Good Job Canada, Good Job.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A picture that is worth a thousand words!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Knitting

Well I have added white to the sweater and I am still knitting, and almost to the last 4 rows I noticed that I was running out of white..and really can't go get more because this was a random ball of white that looked big enough to do a baby sweater in now I am wondering in I am living in Denial...and that I am really knitting a cover for my Saturn.
But I am still Knitting. Possibley crazy, but knitting all the same

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wavey Bits

For few bright shining moments I thought I was done. I had run out of yarn so I stopped one row short of the pattern...hint first clue you are not done. Normally stopping one row short means that even thought I asked the woman at the yarn shop to figure out yardage, there was an error in the math...okay, then go back to the yarn shop with a ball band and purchase one more ball. But no, I just stopped, knowing in my heart that I was not done.
Then there is the wavey part.
This sweater looked perfect, folded like it was suposed to and one half of it is a Baby Suprise Jacket. The other half, well, not so much. Looks like a Manta Ray undulating across the ocean floor.
So today instead of proclaiming "done". I am in the frog pond. Taking it back to the neck bind off, adding another color, due to the one row short.
I love knitting.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kntting on Faith

What I have on my needles at this point looks less like a baby sweater than almost anything I have ever knit. So I am knitting on faith. Faith that Elizabeth Zimmermann knew what she was doing and so have the thousands of people who have followed this pattern.
But I am knitting for Gold. And sometimes Faith is all we have. We just have to trust and go for it...even in knitting.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Okay I am too excited!

I am too excited about some really strange things today.
1. Getting out of the house. I have not been out in over a week and I am going to the Doctor. Not real excited about where I am going, just that I am going.
2. The Olympics. I love the games. I am a fan of Shawn White and love to see the skaters. I am in awe of anyone who does anything but fall on ice.
3. I get to start my Baby Suprise Jacket...and won't we all be thrilled to have that done and over with.
4. Well it is Friday. And as much as I love my job, and I do. I also love my weekends.
That is about it. Too much excitement!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Me at the Olympics

Okay I am not there till tomorrow, and by there I mean on my couch, knitting, a Baby Suprise Jacket. I am scared of this pattern and I have 17 days to knit it. So it is time to put on my big girl pants, get my yarn together and be an athlete.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big News

The big news for NASCAR this weekend is a WOMAN is racing. Some one "google" Ethel Flock and check out her stats. Then get back to me on that WOMAN thing. And by the way Ethel Flock is my mother.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy Girl

In addition to figuring out why my curser jumped around and made me crazy, and fixing spend one whole day on the internet reading post that are written for someone who speaks computer and then looking up the computer terms then downloading the fix and adding it to my computer while either holding my breath or throwing things and cussing the person who ever thought of making computers, I finished a lot of things hand made.
I knitted a couple of face clothes for a freind of my hubs, a couple more for next Christmas, because I never finish my Christmas knitting.
I finished a pair of wool socks, and a gaiter for Pine Ridge, and sent 4 squares out to be added to an afghan for Pine Ridge Reservation. I made a sweater and booties for my newest GGD. I make a scarf for my DD and a pair of socks for my DS. And today I am finishing my Kai Mei for sock club. These will go to my niece in Chicago. I have a pair of Wool-ease socks that may get done today.
I am crocheting a sampler blanket for my GD and am about a third of the way done with it.
Then I will cast on for my next sock club sock, after I figure out what pattern to use with this pretty pink Trekking yarn.
My biggest challange will come with the Olympics. I am going to get together the needed nerve to do Elizabeth Zimmermanns Baby Suprise Jacket. I have the pattern, I really have two copies but put one away in a "safe place", and have no clue where that may be..not with my patterns in my pattens books, not in the patterns to do file, not in the mumble mumble bags that have started projects in them. So I purchase the pattern and read it and thought to myself, I am just up the creek without a clue. But then out came The Yarn Harlot with The Knitting Olympics. And before I could think I added to the comments that I would do the BSJ. Yikes. This pattern scares me because it is not a pattern as I am used to doing, but starts you out on a journey of just trusting the designer. It does not look like a sweater till you are done and fold it the correct way. There does not seem to be an up or down, a right front or back. Just a leap of faith. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow and Pizza

We have snow and last night we had pizza. So the I am going to eat more fruits and veggies went the out window. But today it is back. I am starting my day with tangerines and coffee.
And the snow, well it is cold and pretty and makes me want to knit more. I made booties to go with my 5 hour sweater. And worked on my sock.
Today after work I am working on genealogy. Last lesson.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back at it Monday

Work, back at it today. Waithe g for the men to send me stuff to do.
Meanwhile I am to toe on Monkey Socks and hope that I can finish them tomorrow. Tonight is sock club and I am working on Kai-Mei. Got to run, work calls.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3rd

I went yesterday and joined sock club at my lys. I may get to be more interesting now that I get out of the house and talk to people. I started the Kai-Mei socks in the Cookie A book, Sock Innovations. And I finished a 5 hour baby sweater.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Brand New Year

I slept late. I never sleep late. So this is 2010. And I am sitting reading Blogs...and drinking coffee. Watching Law and Order on Netflix..and knitting.
I cast on a 5 hour baby sweater for my  newest ggd. It is a soft rose. Loops and Threads Impeccable. I have never used this yarn before so this is a kinda test run. It is a soft acrylic and knits up real well. So far it is beyond my expectations on a new yarn.
The Magic Man went to the store and got a turkey breast and a mess of green beans and red potatoes. The turkey will go in the rotisserie, and the green beens and potatoes in the crock pot. We will have black eyed peas, cause I am from Georgia and that is what you do on New Years Day.
I hope you each and every one has a wonderful day.