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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Busy Girl

In addition to figuring out why my curser jumped around and made me crazy, and fixing spend one whole day on the internet reading post that are written for someone who speaks computer and then looking up the computer terms then downloading the fix and adding it to my computer while either holding my breath or throwing things and cussing the person who ever thought of making computers, I finished a lot of things hand made.
I knitted a couple of face clothes for a freind of my hubs, a couple more for next Christmas, because I never finish my Christmas knitting.
I finished a pair of wool socks, and a gaiter for Pine Ridge, and sent 4 squares out to be added to an afghan for Pine Ridge Reservation. I made a sweater and booties for my newest GGD. I make a scarf for my DD and a pair of socks for my DS. And today I am finishing my Kai Mei for sock club. These will go to my niece in Chicago. I have a pair of Wool-ease socks that may get done today.
I am crocheting a sampler blanket for my GD and am about a third of the way done with it.
Then I will cast on for my next sock club sock, after I figure out what pattern to use with this pretty pink Trekking yarn.
My biggest challange will come with the Olympics. I am going to get together the needed nerve to do Elizabeth Zimmermanns Baby Suprise Jacket. I have the pattern, I really have two copies but put one away in a "safe place", and have no clue where that may be..not with my patterns in my pattens books, not in the patterns to do file, not in the mumble mumble bags that have started projects in them. So I purchase the pattern and read it and thought to myself, I am just up the creek without a clue. But then out came The Yarn Harlot with The Knitting Olympics. And before I could think I added to the comments that I would do the BSJ. Yikes. This pattern scares me because it is not a pattern as I am used to doing, but starts you out on a journey of just trusting the designer. It does not look like a sweater till you are done and fold it the correct way. There does not seem to be an up or down, a right front or back. Just a leap of faith. 

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