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Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday, Friday, Friday

It's been a really good week. I finished a pair of socks, and a hat. I got to visit with my one remaining Aunt and several cousins. I got work caught up and am looking forward to the weekend. The weather is starting to change and for me that is a good thing. The heat and humidity is just too much. So it is about 10 degrees cooler and not as sticky as it has been. And for some strange reason I want to knit bit old thick socks. It could be that I just made a size 10 sock and have 2 pair size 10 and and 11 to so and I want to knit little size socks in bright colors. These men only wear black, gray or blue. So it came to mind that I can make their dark, dreary colored sock in big old worsted weight and get them done in a few days or can make them on tiny needles and drag them around from now to Christmas, like Marley drug his chains. I have three Big Beanie Bags from Jimmy Beans wool that have cute project in them. These bags are the bomb. They have enough sample yarn for each project, a notion and a sample of Soak in a really cute Project Bag. I really want to do these before Christmas, for gifts. There is a cowl, a shawlette and a pair of fingerless mitts. And I am due to get another soon. They are a great way to sample yarn. I get a mystery bag so my colors can be anything, but when you sign up you can ask for hot or cool colors. There is a group on Ravelry called Jimmy Beans Wool. Come on over and see what is in the bags. And no I don't work for them. Have a spectacular weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2016


Sleeping soundly at a little after two in the morning...chirp. Chirp. I get up go into my living room and hear it again. Chirp. So I unplug or plug in all of the electronics that could be making the noise. I go back to bed. Fall asleep and chirp. Dharma, my little dog, is scared to death and shaking. I am just sleepy, and Chirp....confused. What makes that sound? Again about 5 am This time I go into the laundry room and turn off the fluorescent light. And go back to bed. It is now 7 ish and I text my son who lives upstairs to come down. And make him listen for the chirp. Chirp. He reaches up and get the smoke alarm and removes the battery, remember on The Mordern Family when Phil is going to take a baseball bat to his chirp? Yes, I remember. Do I need a base ball bat? No, just a new 9 volt battery, and a nap. And my question is, why can't they flash and not chirp?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

New obsession

I got a big refrigerator for my birthday. I live in th downstairs apartment in my sons house, and had a small refrigerator..Which was just enough to keep lunch stuff. Now I have a two door refrigerator with a freezer. So my newest hoppy seems to be grocery shopping. I will tell you that and then tell you this. I hate grocery shopping. I am 70. I have been grocery shopping since I was 16. But like many other things I don't have to do this. My daughter in law does it for me. So I am hoping to get distracted by a new shiny thing pretty quick. and the fact is its pretty full. I am hoping my next shiny has to do with cooking some of this food. Or my daughter in law can come down here and shop. And I can make here socks!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I hate cancer

I had to put my poodle to sleep on Monday. She had cancer. I hate cancer. She came into our lives when she needed a home. She loved Jerry with a passion and he loved her the same. If the universe is in anyway fair, they are together today. Both out of pain and not having to live with that beast inside of them ever again.