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Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Year New Knitting

Happy 2011. Yes I am finally writing again. There was some quiet Holidays where I spent most of my time missing my family.
There was some knitting, And a burst of Startitus that ended up with a Clapotis, a sweater, Bookmarks, mittens, and an octopus's foot load of socks. I have finished two pair of socks that were on my needles, one pair of wool bedsocks for my DS, and a pair of socks for my DGD.
So I am  also trying to change some habits this year. I am adding a fruit or vegtable to every meal or snack. That is my first change. So far I am doing okay, not perfect, but better than I was. And I am taking that as a win. First time I did not have my f/v I did not slit my wrists or say oh well thats it might as well eat the house. So I am very proud of me.
Today I am off to knit at my LYS and we are doing socks, and mittens. Mittens are new for me. I will let you know how it goes.