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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I tried

I tried very hard not to,start several projects, but alas I am a complete failure. I am knitting a top for my daughter in law. She is going to a Phish concert and so I am making her a Phish Tank. I was going to post a picture but the options have changed so I can't. I also have a crochet star baby blanket almost done. Several pair of socks and a couple of scarves. I have the pattern and yarn for a big damn heroes poncho and socks to match. Yes I am a nerd. And I have Startitis. Is there a group for that? I hope not.

Monday, July 6, 2015


I lost my husband...I hate saying that. It sounds like I misplaced him, like I do my car keys. I didn't lose him, he was murdered by cancer. Cancer ran in his family, his grandfather, his father and his baby brother were all murdered by cancer. It's been three years. I am mostly okay.mi tend to cry less than I did to begin with. I have stopped picking up the phone to share something with him. I dance to our music, and laugh at our jokes. I left our home due to health reasons and live with my son. It is a great setup. I have my space, and he has his. I am back in the south where I was born and raised. It has changed so much that I feel like a visitor. I have made a real good friend. She is not real close, but I get to go visit her on her mountain, and that is fun. My daughter in law is learning to knit and spin so we go to our Local Yarn Store together. I knit...way too much. And have projects all over. This is not new, I have almost always been a multi project knitter. I am also crocheting again. And painting. I have learned to take out my own trash and change my own light bulbs, except the overhead ones. I am still scared to climb laters. My son does that. And I work. I love my job, and the people there. If I were rich, I would pay them to let me do my job. Rambling....why yes. I seem to have lost my train of thought. But not my husband. I do know where he is.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Lost my mojo

Seems my knitting mojo has wandered off. I have several things on my needles. Yes, me, lots of WIP's. I have a Fragile Heart Shawl in sheds of pink to grey. The yarn was dyed for me by the Most Talented Fleegle. It is a dream to work with. I have socks for dear Son. And several other things. But my mojo is gone....if you see it, please tell it I miss it and to please to come home.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

So I'm back seems like th past year or so, I have not had a lot to say.

But I have been busy. Got a brand new shiny daughter in law. What a blessing. Also got three new grandchildren in the deal. I have been knitting. A wedding shawl, and lots of socks. My health has improved, a lot. I am battery least part of me is. I have me and made new friends. But the real reason I am posting today is to let the world know that spring is cold and wet. With bits of sunshine teasing from time to time. I am ready for flowers.and warm evenings to sit outside and knit. Some one said we had a mild winter, and maybe it was. I just remember ice storms, branches falling and bashing cars. Loosing electric and reading by candle. Getting up in the dark and going to bed in the dark. The good thing about the winter is that I have warm knitted socks and a bed warmer. So I'm back. And today I am grateful to have warmer weather right around the corner.