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Monday, August 22, 2011


If you are ever bored, get cake and knitters.
That is all it takes for a grand time!
I forgot to take pictures, I was eating cake!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's my Birthday

At my age (over 21) it is not correct for me to enjoy my birthday. I alway have loved birthdays. Mine and everyone elses, especially when there is cake.
I love the idea we have a day to reflect on the last year and the joys and sadness. I love the idea there is a day just for me.
I love presents, and this year I have asked for new Iced Tea Glasses, and nail polish. Maybe a neckless.
So it is not about the presents, it is about the reflection....and the cake.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Sometimes I knit because I am troubled, and it relaxes me. And sometimes I knit because I am happy.
Yesterday I knitted with two friends, we were all doing the same pattern and chatting. And I was knitting for joy.
It was pure joy to sit with friends and enjoy the company and the yarn and the pattern.
And since it is a present, I am not saying what.
But I wish you all joy!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

FO's and Friends

Yesterday I went to Knitwits.
Yesterday I could not knit, it was one of those days where I dropped everything, including stitches. I forgot things, including how to cast on two sock on two needles. I forgot my iced tea. I forgot the yarn and needles for the new skill we were to learn.
I wore a pair of pants that had the string tied too lose and I looked like one of the teenagers who have the crotch of their pants at their knees. And believe me the look does not improve with the age of the wearer.
But my friends all helped me out. I got smiles, not laughts at my pants. I got borrowed needles and borrowed yarn. I got wonderful conversation with people who have had days like mine, and just jumped in to make mine better.
And being better involved a conversation with our Sock Mom, Jill. And we were talking about not how many things we have finished, but how our abilities have grown.
And I am not sure we appreciate that in ourselves. I know I am the first to point out that I can't...but the last to point out that I can.
And I have watched people go from knitting their first sock on great big needles with lots of help to knocking off a pair of socks in a month in fingering yarn.
Debbie that is you I am talking about. You have become someone who understands knitting, and the projects you make are beautiful. How you have learned so much in so little time just blows me away.
Mary, who did not think she would ever knit anything but her first sock, is making a sweater, and had a pair of socks on 9" needles. Wow!
Joan who pulls a finished pair of socks out almost every time I see her.
And Brooke, who is famous for not knitting a sock, had knit two pair in one week. And brought me tea!
And I can go on around the room to all the people who have that Ah Ha moment, who keep trying, who lend needles, who lend yarn. You who get it leaning over to show the one who is not getting it yet. And I see people who are growing as knitters, and as people. I see friends.