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Monday, September 1, 2014

End of summer

Somehow it got to be September. And with that leaves are starting to fall. So my awesome son cleaned them out of the pool and I took a dip. It was the perfect end to my three day weekend. I navigated my way to the Post Office and the Library, then to a yarn shop called Knitting In The Red. This is a lovely shop and I felt welcome from the time I walked and a a small black and white fuzzy came up to great me. The people there are just so welcoming. I stayed for hours and only left before they closed due to the weather. I had not driven the green meanie in the rain and got to try out our driving skills in a downpour. Got home okay and just worn out, so I crocheted on Edy's poncho and went to sleep early. Today started with a yummy breakfast and more crochet, I worked a few hours and then had to run to get yarn for the poncho. So tomorrow is back to work for the end of the month. And more crocheting. Hope to finish the poncho by the end of next week. I have socks to knit. And need to start getting ready for my SIL visit! Hope you had a fun and safe Labor Day.