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Sunday, September 27, 2009


I have a simple mind. I tell you that to tell you this.
I got self stripping yarn. How entertaining does that sound? Well, I stayed up way past my bedtime. cause I had to knit one more row to see what would happen next.
How simple am I?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another on bites the dust

Finished another pair of sock, on a roll. Now to finish Edy's Blanket and start on Amber's Blanket

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Downhill Run

I am on the downhill side of the square making for Edy's blanket. Less than 20 squares to crochet and about 35 to sew on to the blanket. Then then edgeing and adding the rest of the flowers.
I can see the end of this in September.
Then need to finish socks for Christmas and start squares for my doggie project.
I am also knitting my new grand dog a sweater. He is a Yorkie and is too cute.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay Done

Okay up there laughing at me...stop. I am tired of feeling bad, and now will start to feel good.
I have put up with tangles of yarn, a sick husband (oh my we are both sick, but only one of us can do more than lay on the couch and complain), and Karma getting back at me for that thing I did in the 6th grade.
And I am done.
As of today I am going to feel good. Husband can either feel better or I will be happy to take him to the doctor.
I have untangled the yarn, mostly using the sissor method, and have the heel turned on the first sock. And Okay I am sorry, whatever your name was for stealing your thunder in the 6th grade by also learning and reciting " Casey at the Bat". It was not a lady like thing to have done to you. And you were just a boy, I on the other hand was a southern girl, raised by my mother the race car driver, who would no let me get away with outdone by a boy.
She taught me lots of things in this world. Which fork to eat with when there are lots of them at your plate, how to stand up straight, how to speak to be heard, how to say thank you and yes mam. She also taught me one thing she did not know she was teaching. She taught me I could do anything I wanted to do anytime I wanted to do it.
My mama. Her name is Ethel Flock her. If you see a little kid with her, that would be me.
And today I remembered who's daughter I am.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Ever notice that you are going through life and everything is great and then the lesser gods start messing with you...well I am being messed with.
Something is going around our little town that makes us all feel puny. Just blah.
Knots in my sock yarn. I have this beautiful skein of sock yarn that appears to have several million knots in it. I am unknotting it and looking at this as a karma thing, like
Earl did. I have knotted something in my life, and this yarn is the symbol for it. So I am sitting quietly, not screaming or turning the air blue with words that would make a sailor blush, and unknotting this yarn. But because I am not perfect, I still put it in time out when I am done with it, and in time out it will stay until it is again the beautiful ball of sock yarn that it is supposed to be.
Then I made a center pull skein of yarn, but somehow wrapped the center pull string inside, so I have to redo that.
Karma hit at work also, so I am spending half my time undoing things that should not have been done in the first place. But I am so grateful to have a job in these bad times that I am not even looking at this as a lesson.
So today will be better, Karma only stays with you till you go "Ah Ha". And I am there.
And I also got my Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, Arbor Day, Anniversary and whatever other day I would get a gift on. I got Little Red. Little Red is a mini computer and she is Sweet!
And me being geeky and loving it...I just think Little Red is wonderful. Happy Holidays to me!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Knots and rain

Into a life a little rain must fall..and all that.

I have knots in my yarn that I am making the Cookie A socks with. Cursed, I am.

Okay I am wet and standing in it up to my ample knees....let me please get on with these socks, or they are going to have to go sit in a corner and think about how they have treated me so far.

So there, yarn, think about it. I can swear if needed, but would like not to as it is unlady like. Also unlady like is throwing yarn, stamping on yarn and flushing yarn ( which my husband the person who handles the toilet when it not working) says I can not do, well I can but it will cost money if I do.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

And more socks

Okay I need an intervention.
I have now cast on yet another pair of socks. Please stop me!
I have also learned to use a nostepinne. And before you all go and think that is something a pervert might use. It is a stick on which you wind yarn into balls. Then they are ready to make socks..okay see.
If I am not knitting on a sock, casting on a sock, reading about socks or watching people of utube make socs, then I am finding sticks that I can wrap yarn on.
There has to be a 12 step program...hum, 12 steps...that is 24 feet and feet need socks. Right.
Anyway I hope you all have a great Labor Day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sleep is an important part of life and I hate it when I can't. But I am making the best of a bad situation.
The Cookie A socks...once I got over the fact I can't count...I love this pattern. I think Cookie A ROCKS SOCKS....
I have also cast on three pair of The Harlot's plain vanilla socks. These can go anywhere with me. I love portable projects.
Edy's blanket is growing. I am saving some of the white squares for other people to add flowers to so it will be a real keepsake for her. I see in my mind her at 35 with a baby of her own, and explaining that the ratty pink blanket was made by her great grandmother, who has just run off with a James Gardner look alike and is living in sin in some exciting place.
Okay, so I won't be here when she is 35, but she will still have the pink blanket. And the story I am going to write to go with it. The one that tells her why I spent a gazillion hours and how much love went into that blanket for her.
So maybe sleep is overrated???