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Friday, September 11, 2009


Ever notice that you are going through life and everything is great and then the lesser gods start messing with you...well I am being messed with.
Something is going around our little town that makes us all feel puny. Just blah.
Knots in my sock yarn. I have this beautiful skein of sock yarn that appears to have several million knots in it. I am unknotting it and looking at this as a karma thing, like
Earl did. I have knotted something in my life, and this yarn is the symbol for it. So I am sitting quietly, not screaming or turning the air blue with words that would make a sailor blush, and unknotting this yarn. But because I am not perfect, I still put it in time out when I am done with it, and in time out it will stay until it is again the beautiful ball of sock yarn that it is supposed to be.
Then I made a center pull skein of yarn, but somehow wrapped the center pull string inside, so I have to redo that.
Karma hit at work also, so I am spending half my time undoing things that should not have been done in the first place. But I am so grateful to have a job in these bad times that I am not even looking at this as a lesson.
So today will be better, Karma only stays with you till you go "Ah Ha". And I am there.
And I also got my Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, Arbor Day, Anniversary and whatever other day I would get a gift on. I got Little Red. Little Red is a mini computer and she is Sweet!
And me being geeky and loving it...I just think Little Red is wonderful. Happy Holidays to me!

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