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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sleep is an important part of life and I hate it when I can't. But I am making the best of a bad situation.
The Cookie A socks...once I got over the fact I can't count...I love this pattern. I think Cookie A ROCKS SOCKS....
I have also cast on three pair of The Harlot's plain vanilla socks. These can go anywhere with me. I love portable projects.
Edy's blanket is growing. I am saving some of the white squares for other people to add flowers to so it will be a real keepsake for her. I see in my mind her at 35 with a baby of her own, and explaining that the ratty pink blanket was made by her great grandmother, who has just run off with a James Gardner look alike and is living in sin in some exciting place.
Okay, so I won't be here when she is 35, but she will still have the pink blanket. And the story I am going to write to go with it. The one that tells her why I spent a gazillion hours and how much love went into that blanket for her.
So maybe sleep is overrated???

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