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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay Done

Okay up there laughing at me...stop. I am tired of feeling bad, and now will start to feel good.
I have put up with tangles of yarn, a sick husband (oh my we are both sick, but only one of us can do more than lay on the couch and complain), and Karma getting back at me for that thing I did in the 6th grade.
And I am done.
As of today I am going to feel good. Husband can either feel better or I will be happy to take him to the doctor.
I have untangled the yarn, mostly using the sissor method, and have the heel turned on the first sock. And Okay I am sorry, whatever your name was for stealing your thunder in the 6th grade by also learning and reciting " Casey at the Bat". It was not a lady like thing to have done to you. And you were just a boy, I on the other hand was a southern girl, raised by my mother the race car driver, who would no let me get away with outdone by a boy.
She taught me lots of things in this world. Which fork to eat with when there are lots of them at your plate, how to stand up straight, how to speak to be heard, how to say thank you and yes mam. She also taught me one thing she did not know she was teaching. She taught me I could do anything I wanted to do anytime I wanted to do it.
My mama. Her name is Ethel Flock her. If you see a little kid with her, that would be me.
And today I remembered who's daughter I am.

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