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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wavey Bits

For few bright shining moments I thought I was done. I had run out of yarn so I stopped one row short of the pattern...hint first clue you are not done. Normally stopping one row short means that even thought I asked the woman at the yarn shop to figure out yardage, there was an error in the math...okay, then go back to the yarn shop with a ball band and purchase one more ball. But no, I just stopped, knowing in my heart that I was not done.
Then there is the wavey part.
This sweater looked perfect, folded like it was suposed to and one half of it is a Baby Suprise Jacket. The other half, well, not so much. Looks like a Manta Ray undulating across the ocean floor.
So today instead of proclaiming "done". I am in the frog pond. Taking it back to the neck bind off, adding another color, due to the one row short.
I love knitting.

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