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Friday, March 19, 2010


 I am still planning my sweater, still up in the air with choosing a pattern. Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and yarn only came in Red Heart, sweaters were made from that and in a cardigan or pullover pattern from the Red Heart books.

There may have been underground knitters who made lovely shawls and inventive sweaters with wool in other places, but where I was at the time, that was just not done.

So it is taking me for a spin, this planning. Now I have lots of yarns to choose from and lots of patterns. And colors that will make you cry they are so beautiful.

It reminds me of shopping for paint. I had lived in apartments all of my adult life and finally bought a house. With walls I decided to paint. Turns out that I do not have that gene that lets me look at a wall and decide to paint it anything but white. And I have lived here 10 years and still have white walls. I dream of beautiful homes with wall painted in vibrant colors, then go to the paint store and can’t get me to buy any of those colors. And the man that lives here is no help, he likes whatever I like..or so he says.

Anyway, I am in a pink and gray faze of my life and wonder if I am brave enough to go get yarn, not white yarn, and start a sweater. They are doing a Knit-Along at my LYS. they would help me with this. I will let you know.

Meantime, I am working on a pair of blue socks, plain socks with a ruffle top, for a friend. A pair of pink socks for me, and an afghan for my dgd. Pictures to come.

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