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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Today my happy is Sunshine. I am old. Old like I never thought I would get. I was of the live fast, love hard, die young group. I was passionate. About politics, religion, how to raise children, you name it I was on my soapbox, or out on a picket line. I wanted to end wars, start wars, ban bombs, build schools, have woman's rights, equality for all, and so on. And now I am old. I don't worry so much about me changing things But I am on Facebook. I got on Facebook as a means to keep up with family far and near, still do. But oh my, one post on how I feel on any of the above subjects would lose me half my friends and lot of my family. Daily I am reading about one side or the other of the policitiL parties are screwing us. Really, they have been doing so for years, taking turns as I see it. Then there are the advertising, half the posts on my time line are from Last I looked I did not have a friend with that name, but there he/she is everyday yelling at me to Look At this, or that. I am old I generally don't do as I am told, except by Doctors who try to make me older. Telling me to do domething brings out the 2 year old in me....nooooooooooo! I will be glad to send a prayer your way if you think that helps. Please don't send me a katrillion examples of how it does. Just know I sent it to make you feel better. Not me. And I do not want to deBate how your version of religion is better than mine. I researched a lot of religions before I found mine, and am happy with it. It does not need to be new and improved. And telling me that is is wrong is just a waste of your air and my time. I am old not a lot of that left, and what is left will be sitting in the sunshine when I can, cause it makes me Happy. So I sign up on the delta dental site to see what my plan benefits are a user name, and a password, put it in LassPass as I Am Doing This So I Won't Forget. Go to enter the site, tried enough times to be locked out because the site does not recognize my user name or password. Now I am locked out, but I was Never In! Was life always this crazy?

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