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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I have 4 grandsons. The youngest is 8. And he is new. His mom is Andy and he is just too much fun. He is another chance to play, and have a small child explain the rules of the game to me. Their rules are just logical to their minds. How do I play this game so grandma can't win? If I smile and tell her she is the best grandma in the world, will she play games with me? And how in the world can I get her to stop hugging me! I think all my grandsons have been special and are now, the older two are grown and have families. One is making his way through the horrors of teenage years, and then the one who works for hours trying to figure the very best way to put water in a water gun. If you need to know, you take a plastic syringe ment for blowing up plastic bubbles, fill it up with pool water, and bingo. It beats filling it up with a water bottle, but that way is more fun, water goes everywhere. I am just enjoying the process of letting one more child show me how the world works.

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