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Sunday, July 13, 2014


I love to read, as I get older I find audible books are fantastic. I can listen and knit, or work or, if I have to, clean. My local library has a wonderful selection and I joined Audible and for less than a dinner out, I get a book. I just think this is a wonderful thing. I can remember being a little kid and hiding under the covers with a book and a flashlight, reading way past bedtime. This is a great hobby and does not cost much. If you can't afford books, the library lends them for free. Most of my education came by way do the library. It is one of the things that I never minded paying taxes for, donating to and telling the world how great it is to have a library card. If I had to choose between a drivers license and a library card, there would be a for sale sign on my car. Books are precious. I still buy the paper ones,but only second hand. And have several on hand at any time. And I could go on for a year about what to read, but that is a personal choice. I don't care what you read, just do it!

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