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Monday, July 11, 2011

We made it

We are here and we are tan.
The road trip was different, we for no apparent reason had to take two hours to get from Jellico, Tennessee to 15 miles down the road. But I am knitting so all is well. B drove the whole way and things did not get exciting till we got into South Carolina.
There you can buy Aritlley we tried to figure out how many of those we needed. PEACHes, that seems to me to be pronounced Peach es.
That is what the sign said.
The we found out where to by not only a box of rocks, but a truckload.
And all of these can be kept in the Top Gun Storage and Bait shop.
The lake is wonderful, the weather is HOT, the company fantastic. The adventurers are napping, knitting and swimming. Wish you were here!

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