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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On thing lost and people lost

We were given direction to Marietta, GA, really simple ones and we found the square, then we found the loop that goes around Marietta and spent the next couple of hours going around and around.
Since B and I are women, we stopped and got directions. No matter where we were we were told to go three lights and take a right. And our destination was right there....NOT.
We finally turned by accident and found the road we needed to be on, only to have Wyatt (the Dodge vehicle, see the link, Dodge, Shootout at that Corral, Wyatt Erp)start limping real bad on his front tire.
B went in to talk to the Nicest Man in the World at Midus, who had one of the fellows come out and test drive...this part was a little unsettling for me..sitting in the car knitting, strange man entered..I threated him with knitting needles, only to be told he was not after my body, just testing the car.
And the test showed a problem and we had to wait to get it fixed. Which includes chocolate and knitting.
And we were only about three miles from where we had been looking for the whole day.
But the Knit shop was closed for the night. So off we went the next day, and took that one wrong turn that sent us south insead of norht. Finally got turned around, and found the shop.
It is a lovely shop with a puppy to greet us and yarn fumes to make us happy. And we made our purchases and found our way home. 10 minutes...that is all it took.
And to the thing lost. I was given a charm. I put it in a safe place. Please let me know if you can tell me where that may be, as I do not remember.

So I have conclued, I am not a navigator, but I am a very good hider.

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