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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Startitis and life

I suffer from startitis, sometimes I buy needles to put one more thing on my needles..don't look at me like that, I can not be the only one.
So I have socks. Many pairs of socks. I am learning to do toe up so had to put several pairs on the needles. I have Fishbone Gansey, which I am loving, on the needles in Pagewood Farms Denali.
And a Sweater, or two. Green Gables and a project to be named later.
A shawl in some put over my sholders when I am cold. It may be a blankie for when I am overwelmed. Don't tell anyone.
And a mystery knit a long shawl with Junko from Knitwits.
But I am on vacation next week and for some reason I am thinking that this will be a week that is like a month long.
And here is where the life part comes in. I think we all make plans and life jumps in to make you change your plans. And all the stuff we have on our needles does not fall off as quickly as we think it might.
Since the knitting police does not seem to care if I finish or not, I am pretty sure I will be the one up a 5 on Christmas Eve, one sock in hand, one of the needle, crying and eating leftover Santa Cookies.

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