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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lace and the Mystery KAL

When I started back knitting, I wanted to knit socks. I did not want to knit anything else. Sock yarn just fasinates me. The colors, the texture and the way it feels in my hands. The needles used also keeps me entertained, double points, circulars with magic loop, or two circulars, or little tiny circluars. And the methods, of cast on, of the patterns, of the heel flap or no flap, turning the heel is truly one of the amazing things in the universe. You can knit them up or down, or even sideways. I was just in love.
I got distracted by sweaters a time or two. And even knit a Clapotis. But socks were my love.
But no lace. Lace is on the other side of the wall I built that sais in big letters..I CAN"T DO THAT..IT IS TOO HARD.
Then I got destrasted by Wendy and Lucy. And she knits socks so that was a safe place to be..right.
Not so much. She said come join my KAL. I said no thanks it is lace. My friend B said come join the KAL, it is in sock yarn. Sock Yarn knit a long...okay I'm in.
And I did it. It was so fun. Turns out lace is not the monster under the bed, but a few yarn overs and some knit 2 togethers, and slip, slip knits. Well I can do that. And I did.
I made the Summer Mystery Shawlette and had a ball doing it. Try lace, not the monster, I promise.

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