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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I did it again

Why do I do it...can't seem to help myself, every time I get a sweater off my needles, I swear I will never do another.
I am a fluffy sized woman and acres of plain knitting is the most boring thing I can do to myself.
It makes me tired to think about it.
So Karma is making me make another sweater. I am doing Green Gable and I am doing it in green. Which is not my color.
So do you see the Karma part. I am doing a project I will hate in a color I don't wear.Hum...
On the other hand I love green sock yarn. And I buy green sock yarn. So when I finish my Karma sweater, I will be able to knit and wear green socks.
Any bets on how long this one will take?

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