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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I love weekends, time for me to do things I love. Read, Knit, Crochet and play with my dogs.

And my ADD knitting has me casting on yet one more thing this past week. I am going to make my daughter a present out of some of that Alpaca Yarn I found on sale. So at this point I am crocheting a blanket for my great granddaughter...knitting Cookie A's Monkey socks (which are now ribbed back for the umpteenth time, due to the fact that I decided to make them on size 3 needles and they were big enough for an elephant, which at this point no one in my family owns, so back they went and recast on for the umptenth time and am at the start of the k2,p2 ribbing when my tears got in my way and I went back to the plain red socks with the white heal and toe that look like I am making Santa's Elves socks for Christmas).

I have put a new Weight Watchers recipe in the crocpot, and have a whole day to do a little housework, so I don't get condemed by the city, and do my ADD knitting/crocheting. The picture is of Edy's Blanket. Edy is my great granddaughter..and she loves pink. So I am doing Pink!

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