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Friday, January 9, 2009


Today will bring snow to Northern Kentucky, and one more day of work before the weekend and knitting or crocheting.
I am waiting on news from my granddaughter. There is a test they are doing to see what is wrong with her baby. She went for her ultrasound and they found problems and did an amino and there should be news today.
I am praying for her and hoping that the news is good, but knowing that it may not be.
I am working on baby items for AC4C and it is breaking my heart to have to be doing this. I wanted to get Jen's baby blanket finished this month, and have put that away. I will finish the baby hats and booties I promised and then will go back to making my squares for the no kill shelter.
I also have a scarf on my needles for my "favorite niece in the whole world" Jessica. I made her mother one and she liked it so it is only fair I make another. I have new pictures to post and will try to get them up this weekend.
I am going to start saving to get the "baby suprise jacket" pattern that Elizabeth Zimmerman created. I have seen several made up and I am going to get that as a reward when I lose my 5%.
I am close. This is about learning to eat healthy and making good choices. And I have a new love, it is called brocolli slaw. It is great with spray salad dressing. It is great wrapped in a pita with chicken and spray salad dressing. It is great wrapped in turkey with low fat mayo. I sing the praises of brocolli slaw.

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