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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

I love working from home. I got up this morning and it was snowing. We have about 6 inchs and are expecting more, after the sleet and ice.
Did I mention not having to go out in it? But I really love looking at snow. My dream home has a room with lots of windows overlooking the woods. It has a fireplace and I can watch the snow while toasting my toes.
My real house has a hole in it. No joke, we got this house as a fixer upper and it is. We have been here about 10 years and we have fixed and fixed and she can still find something else to break, fall off, flake, leak, or just plan need. She is amazing. I love my house.
What I love is the back yard. I love seeing my dogs running, or in the case of Gizmo the Wonder Rug, standing in the back yard.
Gizmo the Wonder Rug is a shih tzu, chocolet in color and a bit over weight, well because rugs do not run, or even walk fast.
His loving wife is Georgia the Poodle with an attitude. And she has a daughter with the silver tounged devil from down the street.
Her name is Dharma the Crazy Dog.
They have long list of things that need to be done daily for them, and some things that need to be done from time to time. So today my job is cleaning the snow off of their bottom parts when they come in from the snow.
For this I went to college....and had a 4.0 GPA.

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