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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bit off more than I can chew

You would think with as many trips around the sun as I had made that I would know that I just can not kit three pair of socks in one month. So i am revamping the schedule. One pair of socks for my darling son, who will need them to keep his feet warm, before Christmas. So those are first. The second pair is going to be a KAL that I slipped and fell into. They are due in December. Third will be to finish socks for my son in law, they can hold till Christmas. Then a few odds and ends and I will be done for Christmas. I have several pair to be mailed and I almost always do that by Thanksgiving. Along with the Christmas cards that need mailing. This schedule makes me much happier, and the cut on my knitting finger time to heal. I tried with a band-aid, and without, and find that I can not knit with either without opening my cut. So today after work I will read and hope it heals overnight. There is always superglue....

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