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Thursday, August 4, 2016

begin again

Remember the songs we sang as children that were sand in rounds. I seem to blog like that. Time to time I have to begin again. I am learning to spin. I got a Babe Pinkie, cause it is small, I am short and a small wheel appealed to me. It was originally made for children, and I also thought if a child can use it, there is a chance I can figure it out. I know there is a large flaw in my thinking, my children are way smarter than I am, and their children are smarter still. But going with flawed logic is something I am well know to do. I am starting small. learning the muscle memory that my foot and leg needs to learn, by sitting at the wheel and just using the pedal. I like the meditative movement, I can see me doing this. She needs a name, my little girl. Any ideas?

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