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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Little black cloud

I know it has been another while, but life happens. Seems I have adopted this little black cloud, let's call him Tixe. He is just here to remind me how good things are most of the time. Every time I try to get sad, he reminds me how wonderful life can be without him in it. Like swimming. Great in the sunshine but not so great when he decides to hang over the pool and make big old rumbling noises, or throw long streaks of electricity at the ground. So I am adopting a new habit. Every day I am going to write down what is better in my life without that little black cloud and then when he shows up I will have a big old list of things to show him, and be able to focus on my list and not his presents. Today world, my life is better because of my family. And there are lots of them, some related by birth, some by marriage, and some cause they wandered into my universe and can't find the exit door. My life is sooooo much better for them being in it. See you tomorrow!

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