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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Once again

Once again I am starting my knitting for next year. But this year I am doing it a bit different. For each thing I knit or crochet I am making the same thing and putting it away for my All Craft 4 Charity group.
Last year I would make something for Charity and then get involved in personal knitting or crocheting. But this year I am just planning better.
First I am going to make some dishcloths and for each one of those I am going to make a 7" square and put it away.
Then socks, make a pair for family, make a pair for Charity. See the theme here.
And my Christmas list is short. I have had to just make things for my family. I just don't have the time to do for a lot of people. There are bloggers out here on the web that turn out beautiful items and seem to make them up in one day. I knit slow, for pleasure. I crochet slow and only can make a few things with crochet. I am hoping to improve my skills this year.
One thing I have learned on the internet is that if you want to learn how to do somthing, well there are instuctions out here. I "Google". I love Google and will spend way too much time looking at what comes up.
Pages and pages of how to knit socks. There are patterns and people showing on video how to knit socks. I am just fasinated by the whole concept. And there are groups to join that have the same interest as I do. All this in my pj's. How cool is that?
But now I have to go:
And there are only 364 crafting days till Christmas.

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