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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pick up sticks

Do you ever notice that if you have a bad back everything falls out of your hands and lands on the floor? Where you have to go pick it up. I think it is bad Karma that does this to me. I was brought up to be nice and polite but find myself being grumpy. Not letting a car out when I can, not letting someone go in a door before me. And I am pretty sure the back/floor thing is Karma letting me know.
I am working on socks, lots of pairs of socks. I took pictures and will add some today.
The self striping yarn socks had to be frogged or I had to find a new friend with size 75 feet.
I tend to forget that gauge means something even in socks. I know there is a lesson there. And I will ponder it, and let you know what happens.

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