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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend challange

Seems that I can not tell 7" from 8". We are doing a weekend challenge at AC4C of knitted and crocheted squares. And I made all of mine 8"...industrious you ask, brain dead I answer.
I have an infected tooth, or more rightly gum, teeth are just a by product, and can't get into a dentist for a week. So I am doing everything I can to live with it, while working, and taking care of the puppies who let me live with them, and the man.
And I won't even get on the rant about him with a cold, on the couch for days, moanin like a banchee and swearing he is going to die and can I bring him something, while I get sick and he tells me to take an asprian...okay I am getting on that rant.
He is a good man, a sweet man and does the things I won't or can't do....he catches mice. I am terified of mice. He unstoppes the toilet, cleans up after sick puppies and brings me ice cream when I need it. But still a man.
So I am getting said man to make me a templet...7x7 to carry with me. Then maybe I won't be so brain dead.

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