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Sunday, November 30, 2008

2nd Blanket for No Kill Shelter

Today is rough, it is raining and old bones are not happy. Instead of crocheting on a "G" hook today I am knitting on 17" knitting needles, easier on the hurting hands. But I have one more Blanket done
I am still going to make 6 blankets for the shelter before Christmas...I may have to learn to knit with my feet..LOL. This is where the biting off more than I can chew comes in...
Oh well, come on snow. I am waiting to be snowed in and knitting and being happy not to have to be out in it.
I am getting me ready to join Weight Watchers again. This time I want to learn and change habits, not just diet. I know my biggest challange is portions ( would you like to supersize that?), and being addicted to sweets.
I am waiting till they offer free regisration, they ususally do at the first of the year. And starting a notebook for recipes, tips and stuff like that.

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Helen in the UK said...

Loved seeing the hats and blankie you made recently. I'm going to be back on WW again in the new year too!! My weakness is anything sweet :)
Helen in the UK
(fellow AC4C member)